horse-breeder-of-year2019We recognise that our peers are the best judges of what our ponies have accomplished and – forgive us if this reads as boasting – we particularly appreciated receiving the following awards.

Horse-breeder of the Year: Harry was much honoured when he was presented with the trophy for Horse-breeder of the Year by Horse Scotland in December 2019. HorseScotland is the national organisation for all equestrian sports and activity in Scotland.

The Highland Show: The Sleigh family was awarded the Aberdeenshire Shield at the RHS in 2019 for promoting the local area. Also that year, the Sandison Trophy was awarded to Wells Reliance as the best overall heavy horse.

In 2015 Wells Reliance won the “Scottish Farmer” award for the best heavy horse at the Highland.

In 2016 the Wells’ stud was awarded the prestigious John Miller trophy, given to the exhibitor (across all breeds) who has presented stock to an extremely high standard and who has also enhanced the show for other exhibitors.

H. P. Sleigh won the Sir William Young award in 1991 for his work in the breeding of Shetlands, Clydesdales and North Country Cheviots.

For your interest: The Highland Show: If you are interested in the history of wins over the past hundred years or so, try this link. It is very interesting, although not a complete record.